Who We Are

Reesie McGuigan

Riding Lessons, Horse Training, and Consignment

Reesie is an active traditional H-A member of the United States Pony Club (USPC). Reesie has qualified for and competed in numerous Championships, in nearly all disciplines: Dressage, Eventing, Show Jumping; even including the Extreme Cowboy World Championships. Reesie has great depth of knowledge, having ridden hundreds of horses of every breed and trained or competed in a multitude of riding disciplines. 

In addition to being an active show jumping and eventing competitor, she has ample experience showing in hunter/jumper, equitation, dressage and trail classes, gymkhanas, barrel racing, pole bending, and Extreme Cowboy Racing. Reesie incorporates classical dressage principles into her methods and does not allow the abusive treatment of horses. Reesie strives to prepare horses and riders so that they do not lose confidence or become overfaced, but knows when it is time to step out of the comfort zone and move up a level.

Reesie has 10+ years of experience breaking, training, and working with problem horses and rescues, as well as teaching riding lessons to riders of all ages and skill levels within her abilities. Reesie's goal is to instill confidence in horse and rider and emphasize correct riding through functional equitation and classical training methods. She has a knack for explaining not just what to do, but the reason why, and how it affects the horse's performance.

Reesie's teaching and riding philosophy has been greatly influenced by Bernie Truarig, George Morris, Reiner Klimke, Denny Emerson, Monty Roberts, John Lyons, Charles de Kunffy, and Walter Zettl, to name a few. She rides in or audits clinics with a variety of dressage, show jumping, hunter/jumper, and event instructors to continue her education.

Although Reesie will be glad and able to help you with the basics of any riding discipline, she specializes in dressage, show jumping, eventing, and balanced seat riding, as well as training green and "problem" horses.

Janet McGuigan

Equine Massage, Biomechanics, and Riding Lessons

Janet has over 40 years of experience riding, teaching and training horses and riders. Janet comes from the "Old School" of equitation and training. Over the years, she has trained closely with students of George Morris and Carol Lavell. Her focus is on the functionality of the rider's position and how it affects the horse's way of going. Janet's friendly and encouraging outlook coupled with her depth of knowledge of teaching techniques ensures a positive learning experience.

In addition, Janet has been massaging horses for over 10 years, employing both Equinology techniques and those of her own. She employs myofascial release, craniosacral alignment and various stretching exercises to address all possible causes of equine discomfort. Unlike many who practice Equine Massage, Janet offers gait analysis, tack evaluation, and an under saddle analysis of horse and rider Biomechanics in addition to the massage session if desired. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in the horse world offers a unique perspective on solving problems in both horse and rider. 

Our Mission

We believe in providing excellent care to our horses and clientele alike by offering our very best, whether we are offering a riding lesson, training a horse, or massage session.

Reesie and Janet are passionate about taking on horses in unfortunate situations, working with them to make them great equine partners, and finding them the right home so that we can start the process all over again. All of the horses currently at Dappled Creek are rescues of some type, including our wonderful lesson horses.