Quotes I have realized more about myself and my riding in the last 2 lessons than I have in years of lessons. Trainers have told me "its the horse, she is acting up...make her do it" but lessons with you are proof its me asking wrong and her trying and doing what she thinks I want. I am very happy we are taking it slow and doing things right. Quotes
Dressage Student

Quotes I can't say it enough, I've gone through a ton a trainers and I'm glad I stuck with Reesie. She has been great with my daughter and our horses. I would recommend her for any type of riding. She has been amazing to work with. Quotes
Anna Perez
Happy Mom!

Quotes a big THANK You to Janet and Reesie Mcguigan who worked with Marc the last 4months-for their special care of him-Janet's massage techniques that helped him to release some neck and shoulder tension and Reesies skillful and patient riding with forgiving hands any horse would love! He looked great today with recently developed musculature over his back and neck that is a testament to a good working program! THANK You both for going the extra mile with my dark horse!! Quotes
Lyn Knox
Training client/Student

Quotes I have worked with Reesie both as a United States Pony Club National Examiner at Reesie's C3 certification and as an Instructor helping her prepare for her successful B Traditional certification. I have found her to be cheerful, positive, intuitive, and a lot of fuln to work with. She has her horses' best interests at heart. She would be an asset to any instruction program! (This is an unsolicited endorsement!) Go Reesie! Quotes
Alita "Bunny" Hendricks
USPC National Examiner & Instructor

Quotes Reesie was trained by her Mom from day one and Janet has done a fabulous job training Reesie. So much so, that I had Reesie take my mare schooling and I can't think of too many people I would allow on my mare. However, Janet is old school and stresses EQ and the correct schooling of the horse and as a result Reesie did a very nice job. I would recommend her in a heart beat. Quotes
Karen Wilkinson

Quotes Reesie just schooled my green 5 year old XC for the first time on Sunday. She did a great job and really helped him learn that it was FUN. I highly recommend Reesie. She comes and helps me with my youngsters and is working on her teaching. Quotes
Kathi Hines
USPC National Examiner & Instructor

Quotes OK everyone forget the rest Reesie is the best!!!!! Wish you were in Montana!!! Quotes
Kristie Townsend

Quotes I can also give a glowing recommendation concerning Reesie's training/ coaching ability as well as her mother's mad equine massage skills Quotes
Ashley Cox

Quotes I highly recommend Reesie as well! She is awesome! You will be in good hands. Quotes
Mark Hausman

Quotes Reesie is AMAZING she worked wonders with my pony in the 2 months she had him. Highly recommended!!! My guy had never even seen a cross country course that I know of and she rode him fabulously and even tested him out over a few training level fences! I could not have asked for a better experience. She uses a very practical, horse friendly approach that doesn't make the horse do anything but rather want to do what the rider asks and work with the rider when the horse doesn't understand! She worked wonders with my horse this past summer and now he has learned to work with his rider instead of just going around with his head in the air and not using his back! I am still learning but he is helping me to learn now that he knows what to do. Everything has started to become more fluid and he is using his back more and more each time I ride. I could not have asked for better results from you working with him. I will be back to you next summer! Quotes
Meredith Haney
Training Client/Student