Janet McGuigan, E.B.W.

Equine Massage, Biomechanics, and Riding Lessons

Janet has over 40 years of experience riding, teaching and training horses and riders. Janet has been massaging horses for over 10 years, employing both Equinology techniques and those of her own. She employs myofascial release, craniosacral alignment and various stretching exercises to address all possible causes of equine discomfort.

Often equine discomfort will manifest itself as training problems such as bucking, spooking, tail swishing, and other undesirable behaviors. Janet's massage sessions have been proven to increase elasticity, focus, rideability, and improve relaxation and attitude. Massage can also aid in the healing of injuries by increasing blood flow and softening tightened muscles surrounding the injury.

Unlike many who practice Equine Massage, Janet offers gait analysis, tack evaluation, and an under saddle analysis of horse and rider Biomechanics in addition to the massage session if desired. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in the horse world offers a unique perspective on solving problems in both horse and rider. Whether your horse is a highly tuned athlete or a trail buddy, he will benefit greatly from a massage session.


$65 for full body massage

First massage session includes gait analysis, tack evaluation & ridden/longe analysis (horse & rider Biomechanics).

Also available is massage & gait analysis only.

Janet also offers riding lessons.

(School horses available on a limited basis)

Multiple horse discounts available. Contact for specific pricing to meet your needs!


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