Bravo's Encore - "Bravo"

Bravo is a 11y/o, 16h TB gelding. Currently not in consistent work - needs a JOB! Offers considered. Experienced riders only, please.

Super cute, athletic, good ground manners, and a great mover too, with a rocking-chair canter. Uncomplicated; on the bit W/T/C. FUN to ride, knows basic dressage school figures and lead changes. Has jumped 3'-3'3 courses with great use of his neck and knees, always leaving a lot of room between himself and the rails. Natural jumper. Has competed in a few jumper shows up to 2'9 and schooled novice/training XC including ditches, banks, and water. Not for beginners, best suited to confident, experienced rider with tact, as he can be exuberant at times. 

$2500  negotiable to appropriate home

Blackberry Winter - "Fi-Fi"

12y/o, 14.1 paint mare. Fancy! Super correct, easy to ride on the bit. Knows school figures (leg yield, renvers, travers, turn on haunches/forehand, etc) Working on becoming more balanced in the canter. Currently schooling training level dressage and first level movements, solid mid level dressage potential. Super cute style over fences. Schooling up to 2'6. 
If you want to hop on and enjoy yourself, this is the horse for you. Good ground manners, super sweet "mommy" type mare. Though she was started under saddle later in life, she has a been there, done that attitude no matter where she goes. Has been used in beginner through advanced lessons. Very well-tuned to leg and seat, so a more advanced rider is most appropriate to bring out her full potential.

Offers considered to good home; not in a hurry to sell, as she is currently employed as a fabulous dressage school horse.

For more information, contact:
Reesie McGuigan


[email protected]

Carpe Diem (Simon) (SOLD)

Coming 11 y/o 16.2 hands

Dark bay OTTB (ex-steeplechase) thoroughbred gelding

Simon is currently competing in 3'9 jumpers and Training level at recognized events and Prelim CTs. Simon has extensively schooled Prelim XC elements. Ridden in a snaffle or Happy Mouth Mullen; but can be strong on XC. Very brave and bold on XC- Banks, ditches and water, no problem. He will jump from any distance; as honest as the day is long. Never a jumping penalty on XC. His comfortable rocking chair canter is very adjustable. He prefers a light, following hand and empathetic contact on the flat and in the show jumping ring. Schooled up to 4'-4'3 courses. Sometimes, however, his dressage scores are hit-or-miss due to nerves. (Scoring between lower/mid 30s and mid 40's)

Most of the time, Simon is very laid back and even on the lazy side. Will W/T/C on the buckle and stretch out like a hunter, and jump on a loose rein as well. In the past, he has been used in intermediate lessons. Will hack out alone or in company. No buck/rear/anything dangerous. I feel absolutely safe on him; he takes good care of his rider and only means to please. However, he can get very strong when jumping at times so this is not a horse for a beginner.

This charming, sweet horse loves people and is easy to catch in the field (did I say catch? He comes right to you begging for attention!) He is a puppy dog with his excellent ground manners. He absolutely LOVES people. Wears a cribbing collar.

Simon has immense potential for Upper Level eventing with the right rider, or would make an excellent Novice and Training level packer or 3'-3'6 jumper for a solid, confident rider wanting to learn the ropes. Suitable for intermediate or advanced rider, C2 and above Pony Clubber, or adult amateur. Sadly offered for sale, I have way too many horses and not enough time (or money) for them all.


Dot (SOLD)

Dot is a 5y/o, 15.2h super cute, quiet(!) OTTB mare. Very laid back, easy to work with, no buck/spook/rear. Dot has a sweet, endearing personality. You can't help but like her. Not mareish, and gets along well with other horses. Though she is green, she is an extremely quick learner and tries so hard to please. She has 3 great gaits and is quite balanced. I have ridden her brideless (with a neck strap) just for the heck of it. We walked, trotted, and cantered, changing directions and doing transitions in control. I have also hacked her on trails, leaving her friends behind with no argument. She much prefers to "whoa" rather than go, slightly on the lazy side, but happily offers forward movement. She is the perfect project horse for an amateur thanks to her laid back personality. Excellent hunter, dressage, or eventing prospect; willing to go in any direction you point her. Jumping 2'-2'3 courses with 2'6 singles. Introduces to small, natural ditches, logs in the field, and ponds/water crossings.


Need to Prosper aka "Sully" (SOLD)

8y/o, 16.3h Thoroughbred gelding. Drop dead gorgeous with a super sweet personality to match his good looks. Superb conformation, 3 excellent gaits, uncomplicated, sound and sane. Great bloodlines. Quiet enough for amateur/young rider. Jumping 2'6 courses with pretty much auto changes. Very honest and rhythmic to the fences; no rushing, no pulling. Won his very first jumper class! Has schooled little xc fences as well, all on a loose rein. If I had the means, I'd buy him myself! Super hunter/jumper, dressage, or event prospect. Owner is moving, need to sell.


Ronin (SOLD)

Ronin is a 6yr, 14.1 QH cross gelding. W/T/C with beautiful, floating gaits, working on establishing contact. Started over cross rails. Sweet, inquisitive personality and forgiving under saddle. Great 4H or Pony Club project. Ready to go in any direction you want. Shows a lot of potential for dressage with his superb movement, but would make a nice jumper pony or even gaming mount. This horse can TURN! With some more miles, would make a nice lesson mount as well.

$2000 obo

Praline (SOLD)

Praline - 7yr 15.1 haflinger/paint mare. THE cutest thing I have ever seen. Sweetest little mare, comes right up to you in the pasture and so easy to ride. Light mouth, goes in snaffle. Used in lessons for beginner/intermediate riders. I love this little critter! Jumping 2'9-3', has jumped up to 3'9 with no problem. Schooling training/first level. Easy to put on the bit, always competitive in the dressage. Working on lead changes. Showing Novice, great show record; won her first Novice event. "Mommy" attitude, would be great for an advanced beginner. Suitable for hunters, jumpers, dressage or eventing. Great for pony clubber or someone wanting to kick butt on the eventing circuit and compete in the AECs!