Reesie offers training board on a first come, first served basis. Owners live on-site, so more personalized care is available than at larger boarding facilities. 

Ameneties included are:

  • Pasture board with run-in shelter
  • Feeding twice daily (up to 1 1/2 scoops of concentrates included; owner must supply extra feed/supplements if the horse is a hard keeper)
  • 2 riding arenas equipped with jumps; one all-weather ring, one grass ring, and a lighted round pen for nighttime sessions
  • Riding trails and open spaces to ride in
  • The owner is encouraged to come out and learn how to continue the horse's training for when the horse returns home. 


Also offering consignment board for your horse if available. Consignment board includes all the amenities listed above, and these services in addition:

  • Ads posted on various equine sale websites (free advertisements only - owner must compensate for paid ads)
  • Showing and schooling available
  • Sale video(s) and pictures taken
  • All communication and appointments with prospective buyers handled

Training Board Rates:

$650/month - 5-6+ rides and/or sessions per week on average (weather permitting)

INCLUDES (as needed):

  • Groundwork-desensitizing/sensitizing to pressure; bombproofing & despooking; ground manners; leading, longeing; trailer loading

  • Under Saddle Work-

Basics in dressage emphasized; jumping, obstacle training, riding in the open and on trail, etc; according to horse's primary discipline

  • Daily attention & grooming to ensure the horse is sound and healthy

Customized programs available, prorated by weekly basis, if available.

Consignment Rates:

$750 first month's board - 5-6 rides per week on average

Reduced to $650 per additional month

15% commission if your horse sells within 2 months; Reduced to 10% after 3 months.

*Rates subject to change*

*soundness exam preferred prior to acceptance of consignment prospects*


  • Fescue round bale(s): $35/each
  • Schooling off property: Owner pays for fuel costs and schooling fee for facility
  • Free ads posted on various horse forums and sale sites - owner pays for paid advertisements
  • Showing and schooling also available

Contact Reesie:


[email protected]